Campaign Overview

This page will give you the laydown of our campaign feature and functionality to quickly and efficiently declare surveys for your employees to take part in.

The "Campaign" tab allows you to harness the ability to effortlessly create a survey for your employees to generate data determining what impact they are having on your overall carbon footprint as a company.

The "Campaign" tab is home to you harnessing your employee's carbon emission data and commuting patterns, to get here you must do the following;

Select “Campaign” → Select “Add Campaign”Determine Office Location(s) → Select “Add Campaign”→ Select “Survey Results”

  • You can access the survey results preemptively, and they will react in real time as employees fill out the survey.

Beginning Campaign Tab Overview

  • First, begin by selecting "Add Campaign" . . .

Adding an Office to the Campaign

  • Then, assign the desired office to the campaign you are starting. . .

Complete Campaign Tab Overview

  • Next, you can access the survey by pasting the link into your search bar or you can access the survey results by clicking the "Survey Results" button alongside the corresponding Campaign.

Commuting Survey powered by SurveyMonkey


Survey Results : Employees who work in the office


Survey Results : No. of days employees commute to work


Survey Results : How long it takes employees to commute to work


Survey Results : How employees commute


Survey Results : Distance to work in Km (One Way Trip)

  • You can harness a variety of information, all to your aid at the touch of a finger!